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  • The 7th: Pusher

    The 7th: Pusher

    ARTIST: Final Decisions TITLE: “Pusher” YEAR: 1973 LABEL: Bump Shop Without a doubt in my mind, this song is sheer genius. It’s a socially conscious, hard-edged soul song that is as well suited for today as it was in the 70’s. I didn’t know anything about it until I heard it blast through the speakers…

  • The 7th: I’m Still In Love

    The 7th: I’m Still In Love

    ARTIST: Marcia Aitkens TITLE: “I’m Still In Love” YEAR: ? LABEL: Joe Gibbs I’m always looking for soul singles. Although reggae isn’t high on my radar at the moment, I do find it fitting that this 45 was in a stack of soul joints that I discovered at a local record spot last year. In…

  • CRATERY 14a : MURR

    CRATERY 14a : MURR

    The OST Edition I’m a sucker for a good soundtrack. The covers alone are usually worth the price of admission. Composers often take experimental liberties they would never take while working on a conventional pop record. And some of the best gems can be found on tiny little one minute transitional tracks – as in…