The 7th: I’m Still In Love

ARTIST: Marcia Aitkens
TITLE: “I’m Still In Love”
LABEL: Joe Gibbs

I’m always looking for soul singles. Although reggae isn’t high on my radar at the moment, I do find it fitting that this 45 was in a stack of soul joints that I discovered at a local record spot last year. In T.O., It’s not strange to find older Jamaican dudes to be into northern and deep soul just as much as their native sounds of rocksteady and rockers music. The fact that there is such a strong Carribean connection out here is a blessing. It just means that we have a greater chance of finding joints like this.

Have a listen to it – you’ll probably even recognize it. It’s one of those “I knew this, I just never who it was!” type joints. Straight soulful rockers material. So so classic. And perfect for the summer. Enjoy.

Nerdy factoid: This song was originally released in 1977 but, I have reason to believe that this particular copy could be a 2nd or even 3rd pressing.







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  1. Kaeweezy Avatar

    I always found it hard to discern a lot of 1st pressing when it comes to reggae (7″s in general, I guess) the joints were pressed up so close in terms of years..

  2. sipreano Avatar

    doesn’t the website address on the record give it away!@#$%???

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