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  • CRADIO 2: Tuxedo and J-Rocc

    CRADIO 2: Tuxedo and J-Rocc

    J-Rocc. Mayer Hawthorne. Jake One. And a bunch of mics in my apartment. That pretty much sums up this episode of Cradio. Given everyone’s familiarity with one another, including my personal history with Jake One it was basically impossible to try and conduct any sort of formal interview. So if you’re looking for some sort…

  • CRADIO : Rashad Smith

    CRADIO : Rashad Smith

    Rashad Smith isn’t exactly a household name in hip-hop. But with a catalog of production credits that include Busta’s “Woo-Hah”, LL’s “Doin’ it” and Biggie’s “One more chance” remix, he probably should be. In the first ever conversation-based version of our podcast, we uncover the untold history of one of hip-hop’s many unsung heroes. And…