CRADIO : Rashad Smith

Rashad Smith isn’t exactly a household name in hip-hop.

But with a catalog of production credits that include Busta’s “Woo-Hah”, LL’s “Doin’ it” and Biggie’s “One more chance” remix, he probably should be.

In the first ever conversation-based version of our podcast, we uncover the untold history of one of hip-hop’s many unsung heroes.

And I don’t use the word untold by accident.

In trying to research material for our chat, I found it odd that I couldn’t find a single article or interview about a dude who had made some of the biggest smashes in hip-hop history.

This is a guy who Howie Tee, Rakim and Diddy all took under their wing.

A vinyl fiend who’s logged countless hours in the dingiest of basements with the likes of Q-Tip and Da Beatminerz.

A former record store employee who has given your favourite beatmakers some of their most notorious samples.

An uncredited ghost producer on more than a few rap classics.

Plus he’s spent a good amount of time touring the world with Erykah Badu as her DJ and music director.

And he’s currently working on a film about Queens production legend Larry Smith (Of Orange Krush and Run DMC fame).

But why let me regale you with these glorious hip-hop tales of old when he can tell you himself?
We give you our first Cradio episode featuring Rashad Smith of Tumblin’ Dice.

Mandatory listening.


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2 responses to “CRADIO : Rashad Smith”

  1. Sipreano Avatar

    THE john james??? i wanna know..

  2. FunkWell2001 Avatar

    JaHZam Sam!!! Great look into a key component of an era when Hip Hop Music and even music itself was influenced by and credited to many who may or MAY NOT have been the total truth. Peace goes to Rashad for being so mighty humble. Bless….1

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