The OST Edition
I’m a sucker for a good soundtrack. The covers alone are usually worth the price of admission. Composers often take experimental liberties they would never take while working on a conventional pop record. And some of the best gems can be found on tiny little one minute transitional tracks – as in the case “Dog Eat Dog” from The Thief who came to Dinner”. And this Cratery is especially auspicious since we are joined by Murr (LAL, Da Grassroots), a distinguished space cadet whose own sonic soundscapes mirror his love for film music. To simplify things, every song is listed by movie, not composer or song title. Cratery 14A touches everything from blaxploitation and sci-fi to martial arts and musicals. Now would be a good time to grab a bag of freshly popped kernels and light one up.

1. Psych-Out
2. Up Tight [interlude]
3. Big Boss
4. An Unmarried Woman
5. L’Initiation [interlude]
6. Rocky
7. Shaft
8. Cool Breeze
9. T.R. Baskin
10. The Final Comedown
11. R.P.M
12. Enter The Dragon
13. The Thief Who Came To Dinner
14. La Planete Sauvage
15. The Adventurer
16. Troubleman
17. Theme from “Stavisky”
18. Hair
19. Shaft In Africa
20. Coffy [interlude]
21. L’Aube
22. Short Eyes
23. [interlude/outro]
24. Dynamite Brothers

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