The 7th: Pusher

ARTIST: Final Decisions
TITLE: “Pusher”
YEAR: 1973
LABEL: Bump Shop

Without a doubt in my mind, this song is sheer genius. It’s a socially conscious, hard-edged soul song that is as well suited for today as it was in the 70’s. I didn’t know anything about it until I heard it blast through the speakers at one of my favourite record stores in Detroit. I immediately walked straight up to the turntable, eager to add it to my collection. Unfortunately, it was already in the hands of another collector. Damn, oh well. I mentally filed the name of the artist and song in the back of my mind and figured I would come across it at a later date. I stayed in the store and kept digging, and with my luck, the other collector passed on it and I got it. Man, was I happy. Turns out that this joint isn’t very common. I’ve been looking for a second copy ever since with to no avail. Really does prove one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Personally, I think dude fucked up by passing on it. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.







6 responses to “The 7th: Pusher”

  1. kaeweezy Avatar

    This joint SLAYS. Nice one, sir!

  2. kaeweezy Avatar

    Also, A certain homie (who’s been on Cratery) sampled it on his debut album.
    Not gonna dry snitch though. That’s all you get.

  3. Arcee Avatar

    Do I think dude fucked up by passing on this? Hells no. Now it’s within the crew. And anyone not smart enough to cop it on the spot doesn’t deserve it.

  4. Drew Avatar

    Great intro…melting my ears

  5. FunkWell2001 Avatar

    How this was passed up on I just can’t understand! From the moment the record starts it’s just sweet funky soul goodness!!

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