All over the map. Definitely the best way to describe Cratery 41. British Prog. Latin libraries. And rural weirdo. Yes, rural weirdo. According to DJ Serious, that’s the lane that Canadian artist Aaron Space carved out for himself back in 1972. Kae draws for Kool and the Gang’s classic slice of heavy funk “Give it up” which I seemingly never tire of (Sidebar: Had to pull out Organized Konfusion’s “Intro” off their first LP after that – BIG). I round up things in Brazil with beautifully lush Milton Nascimento interpretation of the Brazilian staple “Tudo que voce podia ser” which loosely translates to “I’m Indian, I don’t fucking speak Portugese”. Cratery 41 hommies. Bump that.

1. Robin Jones Quintet – Urubu
2. Skin Alley – Night time
3. Jimmy McGriff – It feels so nice
4. Debbie Taylor – No ifs, ands or buts
5. Labi Siffre – The Vulture
6. Kool and the Gang – Give it up
7. Preston Love – Pot Likker
8. Aaron Space – Silly Ceiling
9. Pat Hervey – Can’t get you out of mind
10. Africa – Light my fire
11. Sugar Cane Harris – Midnight Walk
12. Freedom North – Fat Man
13. Milton Nascimento – Tudo que voce podia ser
14. Jorge Dalto – I’ve got you on my mind
15. Bobbi Humphrey – Uno Esta

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2 responses to “CRATERY 41”

  1. salmongang Avatar

    “silly ceiling” on HASH ROCK (1 of 1 CD-R) over 10 years ago… do i win a roti you johnny-come-latelies??? psych!@#$%!!! PS – aaron space is a band PEACE

  2. salmongang Avatar

    kamandi has doubles of AS LP

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