Detroit’s House Shoes popped by the Cratery studios to join us for an hour of vinyl nerdery when he was in town last month. Shoes and I go back to the 90’s, where our paths crossed multiple times on various record shopping trips to the D. He’s the reason cats like MoSS, Mr. Attic and myself had a shitload of Dilla beat tapes before most in the late 90’s. He had me banging an early version of Welcome to Detroit that literally turned me into a hero in my own hometown. But, while Shoes is well-known for championing the music of hip-hop’s G.O.A.T. producer (yeah, I said it), that’s just one element of who he is. He’s also a champion of vinyl, a record store veteran, and a producer with extensive crate knowledge. We were lucky enough to get a private preview of his forthcoming album, “Let it Go”, which features appearances from the likes of Guilty Simpson, Gangrene, Nottz, Roc Marciano, Detroit up-and-comers like Moe Dirdee and many more. Shit goes hard. Just like this edition of Cratery. Featuring House Shoes. Biiitch. –ARCEE

1. The Players – The Game
2. Sensation’s Fix – Smooth and Round
3. Funkadelic – I wanna know if it’s good to you
4. Bayete – Don’t need nobody
5. Rudy Love and the Family – Does your Mama know
6. Darrow Fletcher – Now is the time for love (Part 2)
7. Tommy Stewart – Fulton County Line
8. Natural Gas – Live and Learn
9. Sly, Slick and Wicked – Can’t hold it back no longer
10. Waltel Branco – Tema Da Zorra
11. T. Swift – Expo of Sound
12. Mogollar – Sunset in Golden Horn
13. Sergio Fontana – The Look of Love
14. Chubby Checker – Good Bye Victoria
15. Les Sound Track – S.T.P. #1
16. Temple City Kazoo Orchestra – Kazooed on Classics

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7 Responses to CRATERY 39 : House Shoes

  1. kaeweezy says:

    Shoes had some damn heat! That priv. press Michigan jazz joint? Man, that night was a blur. Blunt Coma. Henny & high times.
    That real.

  2. wttt says:

    did he drop that joint on this mix??

    • kaeweezy says:

      nope. He didn’t drop it on this edition. Although I also have the record, I just for whatever reason spaced on the fact that it was a Michigan record and that Shoes would own it LOL. Goes for like $150-$200. I have played it on Cratery before as an unlisted joint. So it will remain shrouded in mystery.

  3. catalist says:

    This Rudy Love joint is hot. what is the private press Michigan one? is it on this mix?

  4. kaeweezy says:

    @Catalist-in terms of the priv. press joint- You used to own the record. Murr put you on to it, and in turn, you put me on. I found my copy at Cosmos for under $50. Pretty sure you sold your copy about a year ago possibly more?

  5. blazay says:

    womb record chilling in the background…

  6. sipreano says:

    makin’ up for that hiatus… cratery is BACK!@#$%!!!

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