CRATERY 39 : House Shoes

Detroit’s House Shoes popped by the Cratery studios to join us for an hour of vinyl nerdery when he was in town last month. Shoes and I go back to the 90’s, where our paths crossed multiple times on various record shopping trips to the D. He’s the reason cats like MoSS, Mr. Attic and myself had a shitload of Dilla beat tapes before most in the late 90’s. He had me banging an early version of Welcome to Detroit that literally turned me into a hero in my own hometown. But, while Shoes is well-known for championing the music of hip-hop’s G.O.A.T. producer (yeah, I said it), that’s just one element of who he is. He’s also a champion of vinyl, a record store veteran, and a producer with extensive crate knowledge. We were lucky enough to get a private preview of his forthcoming album, “Let it Go”, which features appearances from the likes of Guilty Simpson, Gangrene, Nottz, Roc Marciano, Detroit up-and-comers like Moe Dirdee and many more. Shit goes hard. Just like this edition of Cratery. Featuring House Shoes. Biiitch. –ARCEE

1. The Players – The Game
2. Sensation’s Fix – Smooth and Round
3. Funkadelic – I wanna know if it’s good to you
4. Bayete – Don’t need nobody
5. Rudy Love and the Family – Does your Mama know
6. Darrow Fletcher – Now is the time for love (Part 2)
7. Tommy Stewart – Fulton County Line
8. Natural Gas – Live and Learn
9. Sly, Slick and Wicked – Can’t hold it back no longer
10. Waltel Branco – Tema Da Zorra
11. T. Swift – Expo of Sound
12. Mogollar – Sunset in Golden Horn
13. Sergio Fontana – The Look of Love
14. Chubby Checker – Good Bye Victoria
15. Les Sound Track – S.T.P. #1
16. Temple City Kazoo Orchestra – Kazooed on Classics

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7 responses to “CRATERY 39 : House Shoes”

  1. kaeweezy Avatar

    Shoes had some damn heat! That priv. press Michigan jazz joint? Man, that night was a blur. Blunt Coma. Henny & high times.
    That real.

  2. wttt Avatar

    did he drop that joint on this mix??

    1. kaeweezy Avatar

      nope. He didn’t drop it on this edition. Although I also have the record, I just for whatever reason spaced on the fact that it was a Michigan record and that Shoes would own it LOL. Goes for like $150-$200. I have played it on Cratery before as an unlisted joint. So it will remain shrouded in mystery.

  3. catalist Avatar

    This Rudy Love joint is hot. what is the private press Michigan one? is it on this mix?

  4. kaeweezy Avatar

    @Catalist-in terms of the priv. press joint- You used to own the record. Murr put you on to it, and in turn, you put me on. I found my copy at Cosmos for under $50. Pretty sure you sold your copy about a year ago possibly more?

  5. blazay Avatar

    womb record chilling in the background…

  6. sipreano Avatar

    makin’ up for that hiatus… cratery is BACK!@#$%!!!

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