The 7th: Confrontation

CONTRIBUTOR: Jason Palma (Play De Record, Higher Ground)

ARTIST: Homegrown Syndrome
SONG: Confrontation
LABEL: Arista
YEAR: 1981

This is such an interesting record for me!  This is a more recent purchase, but it is a record I was after for a few years time.  These days I am VERY picky when it comes to spending top money on a piece, but this one was number one on my wants and I got it for a pretty fair price.  The best part is that this is the better Canadian pressing.  All US pressings are pressed on dreaded styrene, which wears out very fast and sounds terrible after several plays.  The Canadian pressing is  pressed on vinyl  It’s really interesting that this record is so rare being that is on a major label, but I’m guessing this sound made famous by groups like Brass Construction and Crown Heights Affair in the 70s had fallen out of fashion by 1981, and this record went right under the radar and into oblivion.  It is exactly the sound I love playing for dancefloors, and it always rocks the crowd when I drop it.  Unfortunately I know nothing about the group, but would love to hear if they recorded anything else.






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