The 7th: Ain’t That Loving You


ARTIST: Skull Snaps
SONG: Ain’t that loving you
LABEL: Grill Records
YEAR: 1975

I don’t know too much about this release other than it’s not on the full length and came out a couple of years later in 1975. And to be honest, this one side is better to me than the whole Skull Snaps LP put together.

The track is quintessential 70s soul –  strings, group vocals and an impeccable arrangement that builds and builds and takes you on this journey where the song finishes off in a different place than where it started – but it is all about the drums to me. The fills creep in, creep in, creep in and suddenly you are in the middle of this fall-down-on-your-knees “can’t stop, won’t stop” frenzy of tortured devotion.
I am one of those record buying people who whips through a record real quick, I can tell pretty fast if I like it or not and I am on my way. But I stood there (in Academy Records on 12th) and listened to this thing from start to finish two times through. I just couldn’t take the needle off.
If you’ve got a small, dimly-lit smoky bar, a story to tell and a couple bottles of whiskey, I have the 45.






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