If anything, this mix serves as irrefutable proof that I smoke way too much weed. I did this years ago, armed with my trusty Monotron mini-synthesizer, some audio clips from a BBC progressive rock documentary, unquantifiable amounts of kush and a handful of prog records that I had accumulated over the years and needed a purpose. Records like the second press of the EXTREMELY scarce Shylock album, Franck Dervieux’s Quebecois Prog MASTERPIECE Dimension ‘M’ (one of my TOP ALBUMS OF ALL TIME), and the ever-elusive Dragon S/T LP (pressed and recorded out in London by a group of Belgian Prog dudes). Shit, I even threw on some selections from the god Bo Hansson (Do NOT FUCKING SLEEP – he’s smashing on 1/2 the Brain catalog and you know it). This mix is a trip. A trip through the mind of a weird musical misfit. Glad to finally share this on Cratery.

My name is Kaewonder. Prog is not the Word to Play.

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