The 7th: Bravura

CONTRIBUTOR: Aki Abe (Cosmos Records)

ARTIST: The Inner Circles
SONG: Bravura
LABEL: Del-Nita
YEAR: ????

I wanted to share something out of Ohio since my partner Mazi and I have concentrated most of our civilian lives digging for soul and jazz records there. The Inner Circles also recorded and released a single out of Boddie Studios in Cleveland and therefore have contributed a tiny fragment to the history of soul music coming out of Ohio. This is the first of two they released before their disbandment and obscurity. If you like funk records recorded in a garage with fuzzy organ, then this is the one.  Interestingly enough, the term Bravura means a musical passage with exceptional technical skill in execution.  Well it’s the lack of Bravura that attracts me to this sound, and many psychedelic soul groups of this era.






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