CONTRIBUTOR: Alister Johnson (Do Right Music, Love Handle)

ARTIST: Black Savage
SONG: Kothbiro
LABEL: Black Blood
YEAR: 1976

I remember the day I bought this record like it was yesterday.  It was sometime around 2006-7, and a weekly trip to the St. Lawrence Market to check out the records was in the schedule.  I went to my favourite dealer, let’s call him ‘Mikey’ (mainly because that is his actual name), and he had a few boxes to flip through.  I remember pulling out a random jazz record, a copy of Patrice Rushen – Forget Me Nots 12″ and this 7″ with a drawing of a crazy looking zombie vampire dude on the picture sleeve with the text BLACK SAVAGE around his head.  Inscribed on the back in barely legible writing was ” to Bob, with compliments from the Black Savage “.   I bring them up to Mikey, not knowing what to expect.  The jazz record was $20, pass.  “Patrice Rushen will be $10, and that 45 is $5.”   I put the Patrice down, pulled out $5, made the exchange,  thanked the man and was on my way.  

‘Kothbiro’ is a slow scorcher, or a slow burner, a descriptor that the Cratery alumni have often used for joints that hit hard.  The bass line is reminiscent to Inna Gadda Da Vida, but slowed way way down , with haunting vocals and organ that swirls and stabs you into oblivion.  Add in the hard drums and you have a winner. Enjoy…

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