Life comes before blogs.

Life comes before records and writing and shopping and hanging and smoking.

We want to take a moment to thank everyone who’s been asking for more stuff.

Everyone who’s been waiting patiently.

And everyone who’s been riding with us from the jump.

Thank you for continuing to rock with us.

Without further ado, back to our regularly scheduled program.


1. Ivan Lins – Novamente
2. Claudia – Amigo
3. Roberto Carlos -Se eu pudesse volatar no tempo
4. The Lost Weekend – The Bridge of Love
5. The Montclairs – Baby
6. Daly Wilson Big Band –Theme from 2001
7. Day One – It takes two (part 2)
8. Apelsin – Igatsus
9. Groove Holmes – Mr. Clean
10. Bernard Purdie & the Playboys – Funky Mozart
11. Henry Young – No Price
12. Missus Beastly – High life
13. Natural Essence – Killing time
14. The Ensemble Al-Salaam – Optimystical
15. The Individuals -Together

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2 responses to “CRATERY 78”

  1. Sipreano Avatar

    Life IS records and writing and shopping and hanging and smoking???

  2. MuralForm Avatar

    nice chilled vibes. Keep it ups guys you are keeping a generation alive! Props!

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