When your friend sends you an exclusive mix named after your podcast, you’re thrilled.

When your friend is Lord Finesse and he calls the mix “Abstrakt Cratery”, you’re ecstatic.

This one is only downloadable exclusively from cratery.com.


From the Funky man:

No specific format.

Soul, Funk, Breaks, The Unknown.

Inspired by a few drinks on a smooth Saturday.

Special Thanks – Arcee (Cratery Blog), Kenny Dope, Rasheed Chappell, O Gee, Tall Black Guy, Jorun Bombay, Daniel Crawford, DJ Jazzy Jeff (Playlist 2015), DITC (Show, Buckwild AG, OC, Diamond, Fat Joe, R.I.P.- Big L), Boogie Blind, Breakbeat Lou, Richard: Slice of Spice, All my supporters & true music lovers around the world.


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