The 7th: Head of The Class

SONG: Head of the Class

ARTIST: Unlisted

YEAR: 1977

LABEL: Unlisted

This piece of NSFW sleaze came courtesy of Lost & Found, the best (and only) record store I ever worked at. 
I’m assuming this flexidisc was available with your purchase of High Society, back when porno mags were an actual thing. I think it might be part of a series. But I’m guessing that not all of them have that blazed-out Santana strut intro. I do know that I won’t be playing this out anytime soon. Novelty swag on one trillion. Tons of quotables here, but no spoilers. Have a listen yourself. And if you’re at work, you might want to put some headphones on.








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  1. Sipreano Avatar

    Feelings and Emotions and now THIS!@#$%!!! What the F is going on Cratery!@#$%???

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