“I need to stop buying records”.

Most collectors have said it at some point. Even contemplated doing it, albeit for a brief second.

But actually following through is damn near impossible.

You think of all the reasons to stop.

The money.
Your woman.
The space.
Your woman.

So one evening, you convince yourself it’s time to slow down.

You wake up a changed man. Determined to prove you can do this.

But then up pops that daily notice you get from

86 new items for sale from your wantlist.


Better scroll through it to make sure there’s nothing absolutely essential in there.

You try distracting yourself on Instagram but your feed is full of dudes posting rare ass records.

Then your homie hits you with a pic of his most recent arrival in the mail.

And before you know, it, you end up down a youtube wormhole looking up regional gospel funk or krautrock slow burners.

And you’re back in it.

That’s how it goes for record nerds. Accept it.

As long as we’re stuck buying records, you’re stuck with this podcast.

I used to think it was an addiction.

But when something is as essential to life as records are, addiction doesn’t seem like the right word.

It’s like saying humans are addicted to breathing.

Records aren’t an addiction. They’re my oxygen.



Kae’s set

1. Ultimate Spinach – Jazz Thing
2. Harumi – Hello
3. Fifty Foot Hose – Fantasy
4. Pool-Pah – Laughter and Pain
5. Dennis – Walk with me

Arcee’s set

1. Mel and Tim – Keep the faith
2. The Eliminators – Satisfied
3. Syl Johnson – I’m talkin’ bout freedom
4. Tyrone Davis – In the mood
5. The Manhattans – Wish that you were mine

Dave Serious’ set

1. Marcos Valle – Pecados de Amor
2. Arnie’s Love – I’m out of your life
3. Natural Four – Try love again
4. The Whatnauts – Message from a black man
5. Spring – Bring yourself down to earth loving blues, baby

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2 responses to “CRATERY 69”

  1. Dan Gorman (@yckmd_) Avatar

    Fantastic collection – what a trip!

  2. alfrescodestro Avatar

    Starting my day off right with a brand new Cratery. Thanks guys.

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