The 7th: Comin’ at ya

ARTIST: Pyramid Plus

SONG: Comin’ at ya

LABEL: Lifeworld


Buying records online can be a gamble. Record prices tend to fluctuate, depending on when dead stock copies are found and how the seller can go about letting them off. I ordered this joint online, and when it showed up, I knew something was up: the ink on the label seemed printed on by a device far too modern for this record’s year of origin. Red flag. I am now absolutely sure I’ve ended up with a bootleg, which is partially due to my ignorance of boogie records. In my excitement, I copped too hastily. I thought that somehow, someway a record that once went for $$$ was attainable for under $100 because someone had found old stock and flooded the market. Wishful thinking, that was definitely not the case. I got gaffled. But hey – at least I wasn’t the only one. As far as the music itself, this joint is on some ill faux-parliament spaceship house party complete with LSD-spiked punch, and partygoers cripwalkin on sherm. Don’t take my word for it. Peep the audio below.








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  1. FunkWell2001 Avatar

    So SO Coming At YA!

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