The 7th: S.T.P. #1

ARTIST: Les Sound Track

SONG: S.T.P. #1

LABEL: Bel-Air

YEAR: 1969

Montreal has always been a hot bed for music. It was one of my first “destination” digging spots and I would often find myself cramped into a car with a bunch of homies racing down the 401 trying to make it to stores like Disquivel, just to be the first ones in when it opened. I found so many great records in that store. Sadly, it’s long gone now and Montreal is not what it used to be for vinyl, but that’s true for everywhere these days. But there’s always a remote chance to come up. So with that slight hope, Arcee and myself still find ourselves waking up at ungodly hours for a Montreal day trip. The stores aren’t as good anymore, but if you know a few private dealers you have a way better chance of finding something. We happened to be at a dealer’s crib when I was handed this one. Luck of the draw. He could have handed it to Arcee, but he didn’t. As soon as I dropped the needle, AR asked me asked me if I was copping it. It’s always kind of funny when a homie is thirsting for something that’s in your pile. But I wasn’t about to give this one up. I bought it, and I’m glad I did. AR got a few things too, but if we didn’t hit that dealer, the best thing we would have caught that day was a smoked meat sandwich from Schwartz’s.








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  1. Sipreano Avatar

    last time i rocked schwartz’s, i felt it had fallen off too… so into the UNKNOWN it is!@#$%!!! *killer track by the way…

  2. Sipreano Avatar

    **”got any guitar rock mate???”

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