The 7th: Stonedage




YEAR: 197?

This one evaded me for quite awhile, but damn, was it worth the wait.

The homie Catalist turned me onto this joint years ago and I am eternally thankful and appreciative of him for doing so.

This shit starts off like the perfect intro to a surreal fever dream, and right when it’s about to go into nightmare territory, it switches to this beautifully bright arrangement, complete w/ rhodes,harpsichord and charming female vocal jazz scat (this is starting to sound like it could be a Google search or an eBay description).

This song goes so many different places, it’s dizzying. And it all happens under the 5-minute mark. And right when you think it’s over, it hits you with the subtle one-two punch of Rhodes, bass and drum breakdown, which then opens up into a frenetic blast of harpsichord, swinging into the smooth jazz arrangement you heard earlier.

Shit is wild.

There’s only 2 songs on this 45, but it feels like an EP, because of all the changes in arrangement.

If you ever get a chance to own this, by all means get it.

I mean, unless you have something against quality music.








4 responses to “The 7th: Stonedage”

  1. Sean Sax Avatar
    Sean Sax

    Oh wow. That was a piece ah music. Shit got scary for a bit around 2:30 but all was well that ended well.Dope!

  2. Mr.Nipple Hairs Avatar
    Mr.Nipple Hairs

    this shit is ridiculous

  3. Sip Avatar

    Daughter of Bazerk

  4. Barney W Avatar

    samples galore on this, cant find it anywhere online to cop. i can imagine it goes for over £200

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