The 7th: Seventh Heaven

ARTIST: Gwen Guthrie

SONG: Seventh Heaven

YEAR: 1982

LABEL: Island

Gwen Guthrie’s 7th Heaven is an important record for me.  From the first time I heard that signature opening synth line I was hooked. Up until that point, I pretty much only gravitated towards 70’s rock, soul and funk.  This was definitely a record that helped influence my appreciation for disco and boogie. One thing I realized right away was that it always caught the attention of a packed dance floor – so to this day it’s still one of my go to tracks. You can imagine my excitement when I found this unique Canadian only 7-inch (The more widely available pressings look nothing like this one). What makes it even more awesome is that the entire package is so well executed and art directed. This 45 version doesn’t have the extended synth intro that’s found on the EP and 12-inch version but that’s cool. Neither of them look this fly.  — DAVE SERIOUS







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