CRATERY 58: Bozack Morris

Bozack Morris loves music. 90’s R&B? New rap? 70’s funk? Library records? He’s got an opinion. And it’s an informed one. I’ve known Bozack since volunteering at CHRY 105.5 FM back during my university days at York.  And even then, he was a music nerd. He’s brought that sensibility to locally successful brands like Grand Groove and Black Rap. But most notably, he’s been a part of the Backroad Radio show (alongside Big Jacks and Royale) since they took over our former Real Frequency slot back in 2001. Today, Backroad is one of the last hip-hop shows still standing in the city with a strong sense of community.  After over 10 years on the air, Bozack still has love for rap music, and the music from which it comes.

Which is clearly why he walked in to Cratery with a backpack full of bangers like Rex Brown and Company’s “Act of Threat” and The Edwards Generation’s “That’s how much I love her”. He also scored points for showing up with an OG copy of Moody’s “The Gentle Rain” LP which he found for significantly less than market value on a popular website known mostly for selling books. Word to Jay, my man was packing heat like the oven door. Of course, Kae, Dave Serious and I chime in with joints from Yutaka, Skip Mahoney, Augusto Martelli and more. The result? Well over an hour of vintage heat. Here’s Cratery 58 featuring Bozack Morris. Let’s do it again like Curtis and Gladys, homie.


1. Voices of East Harlem – Little People
2. Black Merda – Long Burn the fire
3. EWF – Fan the Fire
4. Ruth Copeland – The Medal
5. The Edwards Generation – That’s how much I love her
6. Yutaka – Breath of night
7. Mladen Franko – Yellow Balloon
8. Augusto Martelli – Walking Caribe
9. Rex Brown and Company – Act of threat
10. Dennis Olivieri – I cry in the morning
11. James Moody – The World is a Ghetto
12. Lyn Taitt – Stepping up
13. The Eight Minutes – Next time he’ll be good
14. Ponderosa Twins – Bound
15. Skip Mahoney and the casuals – I need your love
17. Truth and Devotion – I must see my lord
18. Cal Tjader – Morning
19. Jamey Aebersold – Essence
20. Joey Gregorash – Down by the river
21. Moody – Lonely Jelly
22. Bobby Bean Sound and Singers – Tabou
23. Morton Stevens – Uptight
24. Formula IV – If we can’t get along

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7 responses to “CRATERY 58: Bozack Morris”

  1. sipreano Avatar

    DAMN!@#$%!!! i can’t recall the exact source, but one of two NOTABLE NORTHWEST DIGGERS planted the seed in my brain years back that you could find moody-“the gentle rain” up this way w/o too much stress… I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS SPECIFIC RECORD IN EACH AND EVERY EASY LISTENING PILE I’VE COME ACROSS IN THE LAST 13+ YEARS . i’m talking HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF CRAPPY RECORDS!@#$#%!!! to quote bird… “pr-aw-ps”… please pray for me!!!

  2. Alex Dragon Avatar
    Alex Dragon

    I loved seeing Bozack in the mix on this one!

  3. Alex Dragon Avatar
    Alex Dragon

    I also cant believe Backroads took over for the Real Freqs slot TEN YEARS ago *faint* good god we’re getting old. Real reqs still feels like new gen to me 🙁

    1. arcee Avatar

      2001! More like 13 years ago… Wow, it’s been awhile…

  4. sipreano Avatar


    1. arcee Avatar

      I wonder where that one came from Sip? HMMMMMMM…..

  5. sipreano Avatar

    from bobby bean land man!@#$%!!!

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