The 7th: Body Fusion

ARTIST: Starvue
TITLE: “Body Fusion”
YEAR: 1980
LABEL: Midwest International Records

I wish I had an elaborate story about how I found this record. Like how I had to make a trip out to an obscure record dealer’s house in the middle of the country, or how I found this joint at a thrift store for 10 cents at a strip mall in Orillia. The truth is, in this modern age of digging, ebay or discogs might be the record collector’s best chance at owning that piece of elusive vinyl that they’ve been lusting after for years. Sure, I wish I could just go out and constantly find these types of joints in the “field”, but those days are few and far between. Imagine waking up at 4 AM to drive 4 hours to a record show out of town, hoping to come out with a few good finds, only to discover the same crop of Steely Dan, Dionne Warwick and Boz Scaggs records you find in every store around the world. Still, it it’s all about the experience. I’ll never stop digging in the field, but seeing the same records all the time gets tiring. Sometimes a song or an LP just needs to get copped ASAP. This is definitely one of those joints. Fuck it. I needed that shit.








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