CRATERY 57a : Big Jacks

I don’t know where the term boogie came from. But when I first started buying groups like SOS Band, Starpoint and Rene & Angela back in the day, I was under the impression I was buying R&B and soul records. In fact, I actually never heard the term until some time within the last 3 or 4 years. Kae has a theory that some dealer coined the term ‘boogie’ so he could charge a premium for the 80’s records that were once a dime a dozen. Whoever that random British dude was, he succeeded. Boogie is super trendy right now. But the Cratery staff has never been trend whores. And neither is this month’s guest. Big Jacks has been a boogie aficionado for years (I can recall Jacks’ tripping off the homie Jake One’s AR mixes back in the day) and his love for the genre has only grown even more savage over the years. For proof, look no further than his “Black Magic” mix from last year. So when we asked Jacks to join us on his first Cratery episode, we also thought it appropriate to embark on another first: Our first all-boogie/modern soul themed Cratery. Perhaps it was our collective stashes, the motivational theme common to many boogie joints or just the weed, but we kept recording. Soon enough, our first all-boogie/modern soul episode turned into our first all-boogie/modern soul double episode. Here’s the first part. Featuring the homie Big Jacks. No trendy-assed, overpriced lo-fi regional trash. Strictly premium boogie bangers.



1. Pleasure – Living without you
2. Ozone – Our hearts will always shine
3. Jay W. McGhee – When we party
4. Raydio – Rock on
5. Round Trip – Let’s go out tonight
6. Linda Clifford – I just want to hold you
7. Cashmere – Inner feelings
8. Batiste Brothers Band – Party Down
9. Amra – Special Kind of Lovin’
10. Goldie Alexander – Show you my love
11. Maurice Massiah – 50/50 Love
12. O’ Jays – Put our heads together
13. Alton McClain and Destiny – My destiny
14. The Limit – Destiny
15. Bernard Wright – Move your body
16. Hi-Tension – Girl, I betcha

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  1. sipreano Avatar

    shoogie wanna boogie???

  2. sipreano Avatar

    i wish i was hanging out at this one…

  3. kaeweezy Avatar

    Hawaiian Shirt Stadium Status.

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