Country. Big Band. Dixieland. Ragtime. Not exactly my favourite sections in any given record store. I don’t have anything against fans of New Orleans Jazz, but let’s just say I ain’t out here trying to complete the Preservation Hall Jazz band discography. But every once in a while, mining through a stack unwanted Scott Joplin joints might have its benefits. I found a beautiful copy of the Ensemble Al-Salaam’s “The Sojourner” LP sandwiched between a Sidney Bechet and an Erroll Garner record at a Vinyl Fair in Vancouver earlier this year. My copy of San Francisco group Day Blindness’ only LP didn’t turn up in a private dealer’s home, but misfiled in the country section of a Bay Area jazz spot. The lesson is this. To turn your nose up at any section in a record store or fair is to close the door on a potential opportunity to come up. Not everyone is up on everything. Even in the age of popsike and collectorsfrenzy, motherfuckers can’t possibly cover all their bases. And that’s exactly what dudes like us are counting on.



1. San Ul Lim – Frustrated
2. Reign Ghost – Southern Hemisphere Blues Legacy
3. Day Blindness – Jazz Song
4. Takeshi Onodera and Los Onoderas – El Condor Pasa
5. Challenger – Twice
6. Mark Murphy – Come and get me
7. Sincerely P.T. – Rolling Machine
8. Freedom Spark – Samadhi
9.  The Ensemble Al-Salaam – Circles
10. Silent Majority – Frightened girl
11. Haze – Foxy world
12. John Lee and Gerry Brown – Talkin bout the right one
13. Bo Hansson – The ring goes south
14. Dragon – Leave with my tears
15. Lonnie Smith – In the beginning

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