The 7th: The Message

ARTIST: Future Shock
TITLE: “The Message”
LABEL: Ultra Records

Weary, early hours lugging records out of the trunk of your homie’s frost bitten vehicle isn’t necessarily what one would consider “the jump off”.

I was selling records (in Oshawa I think?) with my homie Sipreano and decided to take a stroll around the room and see what I could find. I distinctly remember 45’s not quite being on smash at that show, and when I’d all but given up, I decided to check this dealer’s lonely box of 45’s and a curious title popped up: “The Message”, on a label called Ultra (relations to Frankie Zhivago’s label?). Sound Canada was part of the paltry information provided and just when I thought it wasn’t obvious enough, a misspelled “Cymade” was credited under the group’s name: Future Shock.

I was sold. $3 later, I remember huddling in the corner with record dealer extraordinaire Kooch (who played me The L’aube OST for the 1st time that day) and we dropped the needle on this weird, yet intriguing piece of plastic. Right away, it caught me off guard. And not in a great way. When the most recognizable thing you hear is a shrill violin guiding you through a muddled
intro, it didn’t sound like the hottest joint ever. To be honest, I felt as though I got a lemon, but still something very unique. And even though I made little to no $$$ in my sale endeavours at that particular record fair, I walked away happy knowing I had scored an interesting and intriguing piece of Canadian music for the crates.








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    has nothing to do with the the same label Frankie Zhivago Young is on

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