The 7th: Water No Get Enemy

ARTIST: Fela Ransome Kuti & The Africa ‘70

TITLE: “Water no get enemy”

YEAR: 1975

LABEL: Editions Makossa

I never knew this 45 existed until it popped up one day in a local record shop. Pressed up by NY-based record label Editions Makossa, the single version is just over 3 minutes long compared to full 11-minute LP version. The famous keyboard riff that jumps out after a few seconds on this shortened 7-inch version doesn’t appear until 8 minutes into the long one. We’re not exactly sample snitches here at Cratery, so we won’t divulge the hip-hop joint that lifted said riff, but it might be deduced that this shortened version could be the sample source that was used for said hip-hop song. Water no get enemy. Fela no get enemy. This song should no get enemy. Cause it’s a certified banger.








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    Jamie McCormick

    Wow, what a find!

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