The 7th: Love Sounds

ARTIST: Intimate Strangers

TITLE:  “Love Sounds/ The Track”

YEAR: Unlisted

LABEL: Alaska

Dumb luck, fate, and a certified banger. While on a trip in Thailand, the hommie and fellow music nerd, Bill, started going in on me for not being diligent in my pursuit of vinyl.  To be honest, I was on vacation in Thailand. I don’t equate Thailand with that type of heat.  Where was I going to find a record store in Northern Thailand?  Just as that thought ran through my mind, Bill pointed to a nearby book store. Hesitantly, I walked in, but there was no sign of vinyl anywhere.  I’m thinking this is a huge waste of time. But regardless, I step up to the counter and ask the girl working if she knows where I can find some records.  She returns my question with a blank stare.  I continue, “You know, music, LPs?”  With a look like she had finally clued in, she suggested I check the next door. I’m a little intrigued now.  I walk into the adjoining shop – and lo and behold, the back room was full of records. As I flipped through the racks, I began to realize that I was in the midst of a come up. I was in total disbelief when this I pulled this joint and a few other choice selections.  Who would have thought that a random book store on a small street in northern Thailand would end up being such a score? Thank you record digging gods.  And thanks to the hommie Bill for reminding me to stay on my grind.








4 responses to “The 7th: Love Sounds”

  1. Spiro Avatar

    Kon and Amir released the instrumental on Uncle Junior’s Friday Fish Fry – The Cleaning. The instr. is credited to Esther Byrde/Solid Gold Orchestra, titled “Touch Me, Tease Me”. Solid find sir.

    1. admin Avatar

      Hey Spiro, Thanks for checking Cratery. This one also has the instrumental on the other side (no moaning). It is titled “The Track”

      1. Spiro Avatar

        Love the blog. Have been listening for a few years now. The “Eightery” mix with Skratch Bastid is amazing. Listen to it often and have picked up several albums from that mix.

  2. Interplanetary Fresh Commission Avatar

    This is fantastic! We know that that the Record Digging Gods have strong influence over the fate of this planet earth. We look forward to finding this collection of vinyls in the lands of Thailand and SE Asia. We are very fond of the lyrics and breathing in this musical release. Thank You for Divine Cratery!!

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