ARTIST: Intimate Strangers

TITLE:  “Love Sounds/ The Track”

YEAR: Unlisted

LABEL: Alaska

Dumb luck, fate, and a certified banger. While on a trip in Thailand, the hommie and fellow music nerd, Bill, started going in on me for not being diligent in my pursuit of vinyl.  To be honest, I was on vacation in Thailand. I don’t equate Thailand with that type of heat.  Where was I going to find a record store in Northern Thailand?  Just as that thought ran through my mind, Bill pointed to a nearby book store. Hesitantly, I walked in, but there was no sign of vinyl anywhere.  I’m thinking this is a huge waste of time. But regardless, I step up to the counter and ask the girl working if she knows where I can find some records.  She returns my question with a blank stare.  I continue, “You know, music, LPs?”  With a look like she had finally clued in, she suggested I check the next door. I’m a little intrigued now.  I walk into the adjoining shop – and lo and behold, the back room was full of records. As I flipped through the racks, I began to realize that I was in the midst of a come up. I was in total disbelief when this I pulled this joint and a few other choice selections.  Who would have thought that a random book store on a small street in northern Thailand would end up being such a score? Thank you record digging gods.  And thanks to the hommie Bill for reminding me to stay on my grind.


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