I’ve been on a temporary work stint in Vancouver since February of this year. Our formerly weekly Cratery nerdouts have turned into monthly events for the squad as a result. Cratery 52 was recorded during one of my brief returns to Toronto earlier this year. Looking at this month’s track list, I can only assume two things: We all must have brought a lot of rock records that day. And we all must have consumed copious amounts of greenery that night. Of course, this is true for most Cratery episodes. But looking back at our very first episode back in January 2009, the track list was almost tipped in the opposite direction in terms of soul. And that’s the beauty of Cratery. You never know what you’ll end up with. T.O. pioneer Johnbronski, who’s been present for many Cratery sessions recently asked “What’s today’s theme?” Well John, we never follow a single theme on Cratery, but if we did, it would be “ILL SHIT”. And Cratery 52 is no different.



1. MIA – Contrapunto Ritimico
2. Beast – Communication
3. Chrome – Return to Zanzibar
4. David – Never been in love
5. Deidre Wilson Tabac – I can’t keep from cryin’
6. Guy Rheaume – J’Ardin D’ebene
7. Glass House – I don’t see me in your eyes anymore
8. Charles Earland – Phire
9. Jerry Peters – If you leave me now
10. Bob Azzam – The Last Time
11. Shirley Nanette – Sometimes
12. U.S.A. – The American Metaphysical Circus
13. The Battered Ornaments – Late into the night
14. Philip John Lewin – Drummer’s Lament
15. Hugh Hopper – Minipax II

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13 responses to “CRATERY 52”

  1. sipreano Avatar

    who’s the b@st@rd repping david??? SOUND CANADA??? “i kill you, man…” psych, NICE ONE BROS!!!

  2. Arcee Avatar

    That would be the hommie David Yan. DAVID!!

  3. sipreano Avatar

    ok, he gets a pass…

  4. frsh aire Avatar

    Dl link is not working correctly, can your most awesomeness remedy the sitcho??? much appreciated broski’s

    1. Serious Avatar

      Thanks for checking Cratery..

      Can’t find any issues with the link.
      Are you right clicking on the link and choosing save as?

      If you are still having troubles, you can alternatively find us on iTunes in the podcast section.

      1. frsh aire Avatar

        i am already subscribed on iTunes.. I keep getting a html file not a m4a..idk..i need this audio portable..peace and thank you @serious Cratery is the best at it’s finest!!

        1. Serious Avatar

          @frsh aire, since you are subscribed on iTunes, the m4a file could already be on your computer. iTunes pulls from the same link as above in the post. You would just have to retrieve it from your iTunes music library.

          (I honestly can’t find an issue with the link. Tried on 3 different browsers.)

          If all else fails, i can just send you a link to the file directly.


  5. frsh aire Avatar

    at this point all else has failed….please send a link to when you can Sir Serious!!! Thanks again and have a Creat weekend

  6. sipreano Avatar

    bird just found a guy rheaume for .50

  7. sipreano Avatar

    i’ve had a few, but the first was from MR. LOST & FOUND for $60. worth every fucking penny!@#$%!!!

  8. sipreano Avatar

    a BIG shout out to all the poseurs out there!!! i see you!!!

  9. kaeweezy Avatar

    Guy Rheaume for .50????!?!?

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