The 7th: Mekaberene Liyew

ARTIST: Menelik Wossenachew

TITLE: “Mekaberene Liyew”

YEAR: ????


I own a total of one Ethiopian record. You’re looking at it. I’d be lying if I said I knew anything about this joint. Or how to pronounce it for that matter. What I do know is that for some reason one side had this distinct Donny Hathaway vibe to it. I remember thinking Ethiopian lyrics on a Hathaway style riddim sounded pretty fucking weird. But pretty fucking fresh at the same time. I caught this off a well-known collector here in Toronto called named A Man called Warwick. Evidently, I caught a cold off him that day too. Thanks a bunch, Simon.







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  1. Birdapres Avatar


  2. sipreano Avatar

    AR, yer sleeping on the 7″s out here… come on. step it UP!!!

    1. Arcee Avatar

      LOL. Not everyone can come up on a Jackson Sisters man. You guys need a 45 store in Van. I’m sick of looking through Belinda Carlisle 7″s at Beat Street.

  3. sipreano Avatar

    there is one. it’s called VIN HQ!!!

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