CRATERY 51 : FamousLee

This month, we add another hommie to the distinguished list of Cratery Alumni: DJ FamousLee. While currently best known as one-half of Toronto’s beloved monthly boogie party “Love Handle” (a duty he shares with former Cratery guest Alister “Catalist” Johnson), FamousLee isn’t one to be pigeon-holed. He goes joint for joint with us on an episode that features everything from Cuban funk, Indian soundtracks and Jamaican soul. Nerd recognize nerd. And we know a fellow geek when we see one. FamousLee kicks off this month’s episode with a song from the seminal John Cassavetes film “Faces”, produced by the legendary Teo Macero. His Plastic Castle Band selection is well, ungooglable. And his incredibly rare copy of the Los Yoyi LP would have eluded him had he not gotten lost in a housing project in Havana. When he’s not snatching rares from underneath your nose, you can catch him holding down the wheels at one of his numerous vinyl nights in TO: Strawberry Sandwiches, Work it Out, or the aforementioned Love Handle. As a former founder of the now-defunct Sho Merde crew, FamousLee is no stranger to the concept of the vinyl collective. Which is probably why he’s right at home on Cratery.


1. Charlie Smalls – Never felt like this before
2. Antonio Carlos e Jocafi – Simbarere
3. Lloyd Price – Bad Conditions
4. Outlaw Blues Band – Deep Gully
5. Plastic Castle Band – St. Paul, Minnesota
6. James Brown – Just enough room for storage
7. Churchill Stage Band – Peace Pipe
8. Piotr – Dyplomowany Galernik
9. RD Burman – Dance Music
10. Joe Bataan – Ordinary Guy
11. Willie Lindo – Drum Song
12. Chain Reaction – Hogtied
13. Los Yoyi – El Fino
14. Star Light – Song of trust
15. Serge Ponsar – Out in the night
16. Twilight – You’re in love
17. Kim Covington – Love rhythm
18. James Mason – Good Thing
19. Diane Tell – En pleurer ou en rire
20. Fifty foot hose – ???

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10 responses to “CRATERY 51 : FamousLee”

  1. sipreano Avatar

    i smoked that peace pipe!@#$%!!! yo famouslee, you got me tripping!@#$%%!!!

  2. Kaeweezy Avatar

    Sip smokin that peace pipe at the church on the hill.

  3. famousL Avatar

    3:44 am Sip! yuh killin me lol! thanks again fellas

  4. sipreano Avatar

    i’m still a little confused about the whole thing!@#$%??? that’s distance for ya!@#$%!!!

  5. matt Avatar

    Damn fine set.

  6. Kaeweezy Avatar

    This RD Burman jam, tho…

  7. Julrich Avatar


  8. MissDragon Avatar

    Frig Serge – it’s too good *bows down*

  9. jasia k. Avatar

    good ol’ uncle s.

  10. FunkWell2001 Avatar

    What all you do is so unbelievably Soulful..Keep up the GREAT work. You are all real professionals! Thanks for the session…

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