CRATERY 50: Shelf Life

The record collector is no stranger to impulsive purchases. Sadly, we’ve all dropped loot on numerous pieces in our collections that are far from timeless. You know the ones I’m talking about: the one-trackers, drum breaks and vocal samples that have no business on the same shelf as the classic albums that have truly shaped our musical sensibilities.

Our 50th episode is dedicated to spotlighting some of our favourite vinyl staples. The records that we’ll keep forever. The ones you’ll have to pry out of our cold dead hands after we’re gone. The ones with an eternal shelf life.

Most you know. Some you don’t. But rest assured, they’re all dope as fuck.

1. The JB’s – These are the JB’s
LP: “Food for thought”
Arguably the greatest funk album of all time. Try and debate me. Oh, one thing. You’re not allowed to speak unless you own the record. -AR

2. Shampoo – We love the police man
LP: “We love the police man”
I bought this on GP years ago, without even listening to it. Because the cover was so dope and it was from Belgium, I expected it to be on some Marc Moulin shit. It isn’t. But it’s definitely still dope. -KAE

3. Dorothy Ashby – Come live with me
LP: “Afro Harping”
Dorothy Ashby keeps getting better to my ears as the years go by. Not only because the intro has been looped up a few times by some of the best producers to ever do it but, Ashby added a whole new dimension to jazz with her often psychedelic harp styling. Most of the time, I would try to avoid an LP if it had harp on it. Dorothy Ashby + Harp = Greatness. – SERIOUS

4. David Axelrod – Holy Thursday
LP: “Song of Innocence”
Lush, dark and orchestrated brilliantly. I can’t believe there are people on the planet who don’t own music by this man. – AR

I’m sworn to secrecy on this one. Sorry dudes. – KAE

6. Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum and Durr – You can’t blame me
LP: “The Beginning of Capsoul”, originally released on 45
This haunting soul tune just gets stuck in your head, next thing you know; it’s stuck on repeat. –SERIOUS

7. Serge Gainsbourg – En Melody
LP: “Historie de Melody Nelson”
Some of the first quote-unquote psychedelic funk ever sampled on wax. De La Soul may be dead. But Monsieur Gainsbourg’s legacy is alive and well. -AR

8. Luc Cousineau – Marie Madeleine
LP: “Luc Cousineau”

9. Ohio Players – I wanna know do you feel it
LP: “Ecstasy”
Ohio Players. Mad classic shit, if you don’t have any in your collection, you’re probably a zombie. In other words, you ain’t got no soul.. sucka – SERIOUS

10. Mighty Ryeders – Lovely
LP: “Help us spread the message”
It took me over 20 years to find this record. I plan on keeping it a lot longer than that. -AR

11. Milton Wright – Silence you keep
LP: “Friends and Buddies”
“Rare groove” collectors are kinda split on this LP*, some calling it one of the grails of gorgeous mid-70’s soul, while others feel that it’s an overrated and exorbitantly priced slab of schlock. I would have to agree with the former. – KAE
*This one is actually kind of cheating, as this LP belongs to Johnbronski, and he could technically get me to remove this from my collection at any time but has been in my possession for well over 6 years. Does that mean I get to keep it now?

12. Archie Whitewater – Home Again
LP: “Archie Whitewater”
Arguably, Archie Whitewater is best known for “Cross Country”, the joint that was sampled for Common’s “Chapter 13”. Soon after finding a copy of this LP, I realized how the amazing the whole album is. Personally, It has served as a gateway into genres and styles of LPs that I never really appreciated before. – SERIOUS

13. Bobbi Humphrey – Blacks and Blues
LP: “Blacks and Blues”
When Will Ferrell victimized the jazz flute in Anchorman, I might have caught feelings because of my love for Bobbi Humphrey. The Mizell brothers at their best. -AR

14. Ramp – Come into knowledge
LP: “Come into knowledge”
I am on my title track shit! Personally, I believe this record is the most cohesive project Roy Ayers has ever done. Flood that comment section. – KAE

15. Leon Ware – Rockin’ you eternally
LP: “Rockin’ you Eternally”
I was never really into songs that were overly based around love, some how I always felt love songs were corny. Man! I was so wrong, when I first heard this song, it made me re-think my meaning of dope… and appreciation for modern soul and slow jams. – SERIOUS

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10 responses to “CRATERY 50: Shelf Life”

  1. sipreano Avatar

    congrats gents!!! 50 is a serious (no pun) landmark!@#$%!!! always listening

    1. Greg daShank Avatar

      nice nice! now……5. UNLISTED
      I’m sworn to secrecy on this one. Sorry dudes. – KAE…………hints ? 😉

      1. Arcee Avatar

        Nice try Greg…. But that would defeat the purpose of unlisting it…

    2. Serious Avatar

      yes Sip!!!

  2. f.lee Avatar

    damn, unlisted joint is firey..congrats homies and here’s to 50 more!

    1. Serious Avatar

      51 is coming and its got your name on it f.lee

  3. catalist Avatar

    Firey! You guys bring the heat all the damn time. I would love to play Cratery #53 is there is a spot. And I promise I won’t tell anyone what track 5 is.

    1. Arcee Avatar

      You’re overdue for your second Cratery appearance, Alister. We should make it happen. We might have 52 in the bag already, but we can probably arrange another one. No shortage of heat in the Catalist crates!!

  4. Philippe Avatar

    Bobbi humphrey, is the truth, fuck anchorman! That album is straight fire, so too the harp, Alice Coltraine!

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