The 7th: Soul Raga

This is the first of some new content we’re starting on Cratery for 2013. “The Seventh” is dedicated to celebrating a different 7-inch from our collective collections -on the 7th of every month. We really could try and make a bigger deal out of it, but that’s basically it. Shout out the hommie Planet Pea on the design. You can check out his work at

ARTIST: Mehrpouya

TITLE: “Soul Raga”

YEAR: Unlisted

This turned up in the office of a private dealer who had recently returned from a trip to Iran. Now when most people think Iran, they don’t necessarily think ridiculously funky. But this joint shatters speakers and stereotypes simultaneously. I was vaguely familiar with Mehrpouya since Egon (Now-Again Records) reissued another one of his songs on a compilation called Psych Funk 101. The rhythm section just murders it on “Soul Raga”. I knew this one was coming home with me. I paid well below market value, although the 3-digit price tag didn’t exactly make it feel like a come up.








3 responses to “The 7th: Soul Raga”

  1. always learning Avatar

    i skimmed right past an OG of this dude’s insane full length at the last van record fair. lucky a hommie was able to pick it up (for around $10!@#$%???). OMG!@#$%!!!

    1. Arcee Avatar

      That album sells for over a thousand if I’m not mistaken. Good work by your mans.

  2. Interplanetary Fresh Commission Avatar

    Greetings Craterians!

    With all the intergalactic alignments among several vast solar & lunar systems our Vimana caching systems went out of synch and the communications related to the last several Cratery podcasts got flagged as ‘spam’ were hidden among countless NASA communications and other ‘seeking attention’ signals…(sigh)!

    Anyways, we are overjoyed that we can now subscribe to podcast in between earthly vinyl gathering missions. Many latest Vimana fleets are being retrofitted with 45rpm turntables to enable smooth passages…so we welcome this ‘The Seventh’ initiative on earth as something nothing short of an epiphany! We have analytics to show it may have averted the ‘fiscal cliff’ in America as well! This new space~time continuum is so sacred! Thank You for Cratery!

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