This is the first of some new content we’re starting on Cratery for 2013. “The Seventh” is dedicated to celebrating a different 7-inch from our collective collections -on the 7th of every month. We really could try and make a bigger deal out of it, but that’s basically it. Shout out the hommie Planet Pea on the design. You can check out his work at

ARTIST: Mehrpouya

TITLE: “Soul Raga”

YEAR: Unlisted

This turned up in the office of a private dealer who had recently returned from a trip to Iran. Now when most people think Iran, they don’t necessarily think ridiculously funky. But this joint shatters speakers and stereotypes simultaneously. I was vaguely familiar with Mehrpouya since Egon (Now-Again Records) reissued another one of his songs on a compilation called Psych Funk 101. The rhythm section just murders it on “Soul Raga”. I knew this one was coming home with me. I paid well below market value, although the 3-digit price tag didn’t exactly make it feel like a come up.


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