Singer/songwriter Sixto Rodriguez was recently immortalized in the documentary “Searching for Sugar Man” which debuted at Sundance in 2012. It’s the story of an artist who is completely unaware of the impact his music has had on an entire generation.

I can say that about much of the music that we play on Cratery.

Most of the artists we highlight from that era are unaware their music is touching young people today. Most of whom weren’t even around when they first came out.

I find this fascinating. Their original compositions have become the basis for everything from hip-hop classics, Super Bowl commercials, and sub-par beats on soundcloud pages everywhere.

You might know the Rodriguez song “Sugar Man” provided the backbone for the Extra P produced “You’re the man” from Nas’ Stillmatic LP. So naturally, Kaewonder had to opt for the lesser known jawn, “Only good for conversation”: fuzzed out awesomeness from his Cold Fact LP on Sussex.

Likewise, we’re pretty sure Lesbian jazz outfit Baba Yaga had no idea that rap producers were jacking their kicks and snares. And we’re also confident that Canadian crooner Ronaye Shandler and members of the Ralph Marco Band have no idea that they’re on this podcast.

But that’s cool with us.

The Rodriguez documentary reminds us that there is still a story attached to every name on every Cratery track list.

Even if their stories don’t endure, their music does.


1. Ronaye Shandler – I mean to satisfy
2. Ralph Marco band – Sands Hotel
3. Quinn Harris and the Masterminds – All in the soul
4. Sixto Rodriguez – Only good for conversation
5. Can – Spoon
6. Spectre – Arkham
7. Syrius – Devil’s Masquerade
8. Baba Yaga – Smoke
9. Antena – Camino del Sol
10. Manu Dibango – Biso
11. Madeleine Bell – That’s what friends are for
12. Ray Barretto – Pastime Paradise
13. Cargo – Geordy
14. Flow – Here We Are Again
15. Oliver Sain – Comin down soul

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2 responses to “CRATERY 48”

  1. sipreano Avatar

    no doubt AR. “geordy” is that shit!@#$%!!!

  2. Dustin H Avatar

    That Baba Yaga track is awesome! Not to mention Ronaye Shandler… wow. One of my fav Cratery episodes.

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