CRATERY 46: The OST Sequel (Session B)

Intermission’s over. You’ve rolled an appropriate amount of chronic. Secured an appropriate amount of snackage. And drained an appropriate amount of pee-pee from your pee-pee. Time for part two. Kaewonder kicks off session B of our OST spectacular with a piece of from the elusive Shogun Assassin soundtrack. DJ Serious wastes no time in following suit with a Les Baxter slow burner off The Dunwich Horror. I veer off into weirdo territory with a selection from 1970’s His Wife’s Habit, a movie about a restless housewife with a penchant for seducing men who aren’t her husband. But it’s not all anime, sleaze and b-movies. Blaxploitation classics like Foxy Brown and The Mack make appearances, as do Hollywood familiarities like Taxi Driver and Dirty Harry. DJ Serious even manages to uncover a little something on the soundtrack to 1976 Olympic games from Montreal. Between lush arrangements, unexpected breakbeats and sheer weirdness, the soundtrack has been, and will continue to be fertile ground for the crate head.


1. Shogun Assassin
2. The Dunwich Horror
3. Y’a plus d Troy a perce
4. His wife’s habit
5. Dirty Harry
6. The Mack
7. Superfly
8. Chi Sei?
9. Taxi Driver
10. Pecado Capital
11. Il Consigliore
12. Jeux de la XXI Olympiade
13. Come back Charleston Blue
14. Foxy Brown
15. The Hot Rock
16. Getting Straight

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  1. sip Avatar

    does 3 getting straights = something queer??? you lot are craze!@#$%!!!

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