CRATERY 46: The OST Sequel (Session A)

In February 2010, we dropped Cratery 14, our first ever double-episode dedicated to exclusively to the OST: Original Soundtrack. But like all successful franchises, we couldn’t resist a sequel. Two years later, we return with back-to-back podcasts highlighting our love for compositions from film and TV shows past. Some you might recognize: Lalo Schifrin’s Bullitt, Monk Higgins’ Sheba Baby and Barry White’s Together Brothers. Others, less so: the fuzzed out Korean vibes from The Stars Heavenly Home, the sleazy psychedelic funk of Viens, mon amour and Osanna’s proggy masterpiece Milano Calibro 9 aren’t as easy to find in your local record store. But then again, they probably weren’t easy to find in your local movie theatre back in the day, either. Cratery 46 has arrived. To quote the Timothy Leary film of the same name, we invite you to turn on, tune in and drop out. This is one sequel we promise won’t suck.


1. Turn on tune in drop out
2. Experiment in Terror
3. Angel, angel, down we go
4. The Stars Heavenly Home
5. Together Brothers
6. Wild in the streets
7. 3 days of the Condor
8. Hanged Man
9. Fragment of fear
10. Melinda
11. Chapeau Melon et Bottes de Cuir
12. On any Sunday
13. Viens, mon amour
14. Bullitt
15. Winter Woman
16. Milano Calibro 9
17. The Summertime Killer
18. Once Again
19. The Soul of Nigger Charley
20. Sheba Baby
21. Fritz the Cat
22. Three the hard way
23. The Electric Company
24. Cornbread, Earl and Me

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