Apparently, 45’s are in again. Not that we ever stopped collecting them. But the amount of DJ’s and collectors instagramming pics of their new 7” discoveries has skyrocketed in the last few years. Not to mention the countless 45-only parties popping up all over the world.
We kick off our 3rd annual ode to the 7” with a bang. A banger, to be precise. The Action 13’s “More Bread to the People” is hands down one of my most prized 45’s. Small-hole Nigerian psychedelic funkiness at it’s finest. Kae follows suit with Italian combo Duke of Burlington’s classic “Flash”. And Serious wraps up our first round with Jean-Pierre Massiera’s rare Canadian-only Sex Convention 45.
I was fortunate enough to grab a copy of Darondo’s “Didn’t I” from record mecca Groove Merchant during my stay in San Francisco earlier this year. We all know it’s basically some fake Al Green shit, but goddamn. It’s a beautiful record. Prince Jazzbo’s “Crabwalking” is a Kaewonder selection from the land where the 7” is king: Jamaica. And DJ Serious ends things off with a sweet soul special from the Gibson Brothers band.
The 45 may be back. But we’re not hopping on the bandwagon. If anything, we were already driving it.

1. The Action 13 – More bread to the people
2. The Duke of Burlington – Flash
3. Sex Convention – Toi qui reve de baisers
4. Patrizia and Jimmy – Trust your child (part 1)
5. Prince Jazzbo – Crabwalking
6. Nairobi Sisters – Promised Land (inna dub stylee)
7. Darondo – Didn’t I
8. 9th Creation – Sexy Girl
9. Midnight Movers Unlimited – Lost for words
10. Steve Parks – Still thinking of you
11. Life – Death in the family
12. Jay Dee – Games and funky things
13. The Chubukos – House of rising funk
14. Satanas – Bajo El Sol
15. Lieutenant Winston – Pon lock
16. Five by Five – Hang up
17. Reflektions – The Truth Hurts
18. The Gibson Brothers Band – Love coming at us

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