The Canadian content on Cratery is at an all-time high. Could be the influence of our bi-coastal brethren Sipreano and Birdapres. It could be a desire to snatch up that local shit for trade leverage. Or an overwhelming source of national pride (It’s probably not the last one). The CANCON on this month’s episode arrives courtesy of 3 tripped out artists from Quebec: Guy Rheaume, Sex and Les Champignons. So much incredible music was recorded in Quebec in the 60’s and 70’s. Sadly, much of it remains unknown. We do venture outside of La Belle Province with selections like Irene Kral’s “Wheelers and Dealers”, a recent vocal jazz discovery I found in a local spot for $6. Kaewonder reminds us not to sleep on the Carla Thomas catalog (as does Madlib) and DJ Serious unearths a randomly alternate version of George Benson’s “The Changing World” (without the ‘I used to love H.E.R. sample). Cratery 43, bitches. Stream it or download below.

1. Irene Kral – Wheelers and dealers
2. Guy Rheaume – Ca Tourne
3. Tim Maia – Joao Coragem
4. Premiere Capsule – Folies du Mercredi
5. Sex – Born to love
6. Ahmad Jamal – Patterns
7. Gary Burton – Vibrafinger
8. Twelve Top Hits – Chicago
9. Johnny Trouble – Turns me on
10. Bobby Wilson – Don’t shut me out
11. Carla Thomas – I’ve fallen in love with you
12. O Donel Levy – I wanna be where you are
13. Jackson 5 – 2-4-6-8
14. Bobbie Huston – I want to make it with you
15. George Benson – The Changing World

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9 responses to “CRATERY 43”

  1. salmongang Avatar

    did you say CAN-CON??? CHAMPIGNONS??? this is the NEXT shit folks…

    1. salmongang Avatar

      yo ARCEE, i’ll buy you a 6-pack of kokanee if you can tell me the beat factory-related link behind that vid above!!! what you sayin’???

  2. salmongang Avatar

    PS – somebody tell me one of you cratery cats bought that mother tucker’s???

    1. Arcee Avatar

      Damn Sip! Where do I start?

      1. Not sure what the Beat Factory link is in that video – but I’m guessing it’s the dance moves.
      2. Don’t think any of us bought that Mother Tucker’s joint. Which one is it in the pic?
      3. You should buy me a 6-pack of Kokanee regardless.

  3. salmongang Avatar

    right on…

    1. dig deeper. lol… or at least “check the O.R.”
    2. to the right of lulu, top left area (what about the magic dragon??? right below lulu)… so dope… lulu is attracting ALL the heat (morse code transmission too!@#$%!!!)
    3. ok

  4. Interplanetary Fresh Commission Avatar

    Greetings Cratery! We are overjoyed our protest and campaign helped in the just cause! The inhabitants of the land of the leaf should be very pleased with Cratery 43. Leaders seem to also agree that Cratery will have a beneficial effect on the economy and create jobs. Looking forward to our sonic Vimana experiments with these vibes. Thank You. Om.

  5. kaeweezy Avatar

    Maaan, that Mother Tucker’s was priced dumb high, and if the rest of the stock was any indication, it wasn’t in great shape.
    Still don’t have that one though.

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