Cratery 40 showcases music from places like the Bahamas. And places like Oshawa. Kaewonder kicks it off with a Caribbean funk rarity: Biosis Now’s “Independent Bahamas” isn’t featured anywhere but a compilation of contemporary Bahamian music from the 70’s titled “A nation is born”. And now, it’s featured here. Christmas is a late 60’s bluesy-psych outfit from Oshawa whose albums can fetch a pretty penny all over the world. “Blues on an Iceberg” is downtempo banger from my copy of their 2nd LP, “Heritage”. Not to be outdone, Dj Serious ups the 45 quota with an absolute scorcher from Michigan’s Mad Dog and the Pups called “Hep Squeeze”. More crates. More madness. Cratery 40. Enjoy.

1. Biosis Now – Independent Bahamas
2. Dorothy Ashby – Soul Vibrations
3. The Spinners – No one does it better
4. Donald Byrd – Stepping into tomorrow
5. The Human Condition – Mama I remember
6. Junior Parker – Taxman
7. Mind Garage – Communion
8. Christmas – Blues on an Iceberg
9. David Axelrod – Ken Russell
10. Andrew Jackman – Cool Sweat
11. Joao Donato – Me Deixa
12. Mad Dog and the Pups – Hep Squeeze
13. The Nite-Liters – Damn
14. Bill Doggett – Bueno
15. Bobby Lyle – Night Breeze

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  1. brian damage Avatar
    brian damage

    the bioss now was orginally on a 45 try and find if you can ….

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