CRATERY 38b : Aki Abe

The 2nd part of our double Cratery with Aki of Cosmos Records in Toronto. After killing us with the “Astro-Disc” joint on part 1, Aki wastes no time getting into it with an Azimuth 45 none of us have ever heard of. Kae and I chime in with selections from Iran’s Mehrpouya and Germany’s Michael Naura. And Dj Serious bookends this one with Webster Lewis “Do you believe”, a cut from his impossibly rare “Club 7” LP, which has been known to go for upwards of $700. I don’t want to calculate what it would cost for you to purchase the records featured on this month’s 2nd Cratery, but can anybody say 2nd mortgage?

1. Azimuth – Tempos Atras
2. Mehrpouya – Soul Raga
3. Michael Naura – Black Pigeon
4. Chuck Jackson – I like everything about you
5. Myrna Hague – What color is love?
6. Hammer – Tuane
7. Illustration – Upon the Earth
8. Reggie Garner – Hot Line
9. Black East – I’m gonna love you just a little more, baby
10. Ripple – Facts of Life
11. Stone Alliance – Sweetie Pie
12. Webster Lewis – Do you Believe

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  1. FunkWell2001 Avatar

    beautiful, simply.

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