CRATERY 37: Dollarate III

Most record heads that come from the hip-hop world understand the value of the cheap dollar banger. Whether it’s a drum break, a boogie classic or a sought-after miracle, discovering a piece of heat in the dollar-bin has always been a source of pride for most beat heads.  Finding a dope record is cool. But finding it for a dollar is even better. Dollarate is about celebrating the joints you can always find in the cheap section.  Records like Bill Withers’ “Don’t you want me to stay”, “Eramus Hall’s “Will you love me?” and B.T. Express “Mental Telepathy” aren’t just dollar records. They’re dope records.  Dollarate is your annual reminder to keep the record snobbery under control. And your credit card bill in check.

1. Cold Blood – I’m a good woman
2. Brian Auger – You’ll stay in my heart
3. Twelve Top Hits – Whatcha see is whatcha get
4. Stan Getz – Keep Dreaming
5. Odia Coates – You come and you go
6. Bill Withers – Don’t you want me to stay?
7. Bobby Caldwell – Carry On
8. Smokey Robinson – Baby that’s back atcha
9. Linda Lewis – On the stage
10. Eramus Hall – Will you love me?
11. Nick Straker Band – A little bit of jazz
12. Kashif – The Mood
13. Watsonian Institute – Virginia’s Pretty Funky
14. B.T. Express – Mental Telepathy
15. Willie Hutch – I can sho give you love

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2 responses to “CRATERY 37: Dollarate III”

  1. DanM Avatar

    On what planet is Eramus Hall a dollar record ????????

    1. Serious Avatar

      Hi, Thanks for listening to our podcast and thanks for the comment.

      This Eramus Hall is definitely a dollar record. I purchased it in Detroit for a buck a few years back and it seems like its still available on the cheap.

      Check it out…

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