Skates. Crates. A combination made in heaven. Or in the offices of Harbourfront Centre. Over the phone. With a Cratery representative. For you, this means a *FREE* evening of skating to music you would never skate to. Which, in theory, should brighten up your shitty-ass January. Also, this is a family event. There will be no swearing at the real event. So there’s that. For actual useful information about this event, visit 


  1. Skates, Crates and Audiophiles! History in the making and it is a free family event too!

    We are very happy and are awaiting approval from The Toronto Port Authority to land and be a part of the festivities. We have sent the signals in and expressed our desire to hear rare vinyl records being played in this earth~sphere.

    Thank you for your time and wonderful Cratery! OM…

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