CRATERY 36b : Sipreano

Part 2 of our second Cratery featuring Vancouver’s Sipreano kicks off with some music from Jackie Mitoo. Sip is no stranger to Mitoo’s music and is actually in the process of following up his landmark “Jamaica to Toronto” compilation with a documentary that takes a deeper look at transplanted musicians that came here in the 70’s. He’s also got an incredible Canadian Psychedelic project in the works with fellow collector Birdapres (quiet as kept – this will be fucking awesome) and was a contributor to Light in the Attic’s recent Mowest compilation. We’re honoured to have Sipreano play another hour of music with us. Cratery 36B. Enjoy.

1. Jackie Mitoo – Frangipani
2. Os Novos Baianos – Tinindo Trincando
3. Grupo Santo California – California Concert
4. Caroline Peyton – Just as we
5. Frank Motley & The Bridge Crossings – Wanda Unda Landa
6. King Hannibal – The truth shall make you free
7. The Sylvers – I don’t need to prove myself
8. Krystal – False Alarm
9. Les Maitres – Tu Le Sauras Demain
10. Hell Preachers Inc – Spy in Space
11. Poe – Sons of Belial
12. Almendra – Estos Hombres Tristes

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2 responses to “CRATERY 36b : Sipreano”

  1. sipreano Avatar

    ok, i fully remember this now… you guys are the best!@#$%!!! i mean that. spot the kokanee for a FREE .99 slice… hit me up!

  2. Interplanetary Fresh Commission Avatar

    We are impressed by this edition and it aligns with our research on this particularly strange region of the planet. It seems to resemble a purgatory for creative types of humans and we stand to gain a lot more insight from these upcoming releases. We are honoured to listen to this! Thank You for your Cratery!

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