CRATERY 36a : Sipreano

Sipreano is a gentleman of distinction. In this case, his distinction is the first guest to repeat a stint on Cratery. Last November, Sip joined us for Cratery 23, a 4-part special which also featured Toronto vinyl god Jason Palma.  Sip’s penchant for the weird and his unparalleled understanding of Canadian music always makes for an interesting Cratery episode. And like last time, there were far too many records to restrict ourselves to a single hour. So we give you the first of our 2-part, year-end vinyl fest: Cratery 36A. Enjoy.

1. Milan – Sheherezade
2. Los Belkings – Sabata
3. Reaction – Welcome to the Country
4. Voices of East Harlem – Can you feel it?
5. Red Mitchell – Sale Musique
6. Psychedelic Psoul – A million grains of sand
7. Black Merda – Good Luck
8. Troyka – Go East Young Man
9. Spring – Pressed Ham
10. Chakachas – Stories
11. Steve Davis – Lalune
12. Marlena Shaw – Look at me, Look at you

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2 responses to “CRATERY 36a : Sipreano”

  1. sipreano Avatar

    i don’t remember this. was i even in toronto last november???

  2. arcee Avatar

    We hired a filipino imposter named Flipreano in your place. He did a pretty good job, as evidenced by this podcast.

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