This is a fucking weird Cratery. Even by our standards. And we like some weird shit. French Prog. Polish Jazz. Cuban Funk. And a banger from a Dirty Harry flick. These are the makings of Cratery 35. No shortage of off-kilter selections here. Before King Crimson was getting sample love from Kanye, they began their career in a band called Giles, Giles and Fripp. Kaewonder kicks off this month’s podcast with a joint from their “Cheerful Insanity” LP. With a song like “Erudite Eyes”, I’m pretty sure radio play wasn’t high on their agenda. I picked up C&K Vocal’s “Generation” LP in Berlin over the summer. It’s a weird Czech record with jazz-like choir vocals and prog overtones recorded in broken English. “Dockyards” is a banger that takes an unexpectedly jazzy turn half way through. DJ Serious ups the weird quotient with Absolute Elsewhere. “Future Past” is part of a musical interpretation of author Erich Von Daniken’s book “In search of the ancient gods”. None of this making any sense? Not sure it does to us either. Cratery 35. Weird.


1. Giles, Giles, and Frip – Erudite Eyes
2. Absolute Elsewhere – Future Past
3. Dynastie Crisis – Quatre heures de L’apres-Midi
4. Lalo Schifrin – Scorpio
5. The Ugly Ducklings – I know what to say
6. Aquelarre – Jugador, campos, para luchar
7. Fear Itself – Mossy Dream
8. Halina Frackowiak – Ide Dalej
9. C & K Vocal – Dockyards, Railroads, Shoes and Hunger
10. Andy Bey – I know this love can’t be wrong
11. Johnny Jenkins – I walk on guilded splinters
12. Los Van Van – Mi Ritmo Caliente
13. Byron Lee – Hot Reggay
14. D.J. Rogers – Bail Out
15. Linda Williams – Elevate our minds

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One response to “CRATERY 35”

  1. Interplanetary Fresh Commission Avatar

    We have been informed that this Cratery session is excellent for Vimana excursions!!! Have yet to be taken on the ride with for a listen personally, but from earth~sphere this is superb! Bravo, well done!
    Erich Anton Paul von Däniken books are quite a novelty in outerspace!

    By the way the higher ups are still asking about the Cratery merch!

    Om shanti!

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