Cratery is a dig diary. A monthly document of our freshest finds. Our very own new arrivals section. So it’s only fitting we kick Cratery 34 off with a recently acquired slice of Argentine exotica, Truthfully, I know nothing else about Cuasares ‘Amalgama’ or the album from which it comes. What I do know is that it sounds fucking great. Which pretty much makes it Cratery worthy. A recent trip to a record store south of the border led DJ Serious to a copy of Ofege’s Try and Love LP, a well-known Nigerian rarity from 1973. And Kaewonder reminds us why we never trade our Mandrill records with a selection that fans of Quasimoto’s “The Unseen” might vaguely recollect. Plus a little folky jazz, bollywood beats and polish funk for good measure. We give you Cratery 34. Enjoy.

1. Cuasares – Amalgama
2. RD Burman – Title Music (Shalimar OST)
3. Ferrante and Teicher – Lady Love
4. Clan Murphy – Eventail
5. Meirelles E Sua Orquestra – Also Sprach Zarathustra
6. Ofege – Whizzy Ilabo
7. Electra Combo – Uber Feuer
8. Guy Pedersen – Les copains de la basse
9. Jimi Hendrix – Torture me, honey
10. The Grodeck Whipperjenny – Put your thing on me
11. Gangsters of Love – I’m gonna keep on
12. Satisfaction Unlimited – Seeing you through the eyes of a blind man
13. Novi Singers – Oh Woman
14. Mandrill – Khidja
15. Jon Lucien – Luella
16. The Advancement – Stone Folk
17. Steve Grey – Theme from the Grandfather
18. Henryk Debich – Standard in B

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