Cratery 33 (Session B) with producer/collector MoSS takes our global psychedelic expedition to Japan, Denmark, Korea and Belgium. MoSS starts part 2 with another unidentified banger before Kaeweezy returns us to familiar territory with The Animated Egg’s “Sock it my way” – an alternate version of a song released for the 101 Strings instrumental series. Among the stranger pieces here is “Jam of Love” by The Next Morning – A black psychedelic band with members from Trinidad and NYC. It’s not often you hear anything West Indian from that era without any kind of calypso, reggae or ska overtones – which is fine by us. A friendly reminder that you can shuffle through every Cratery individually by track simply by clicking ‘chapters’ on your iTunes menu. Cratery 33. Session B. Featuring MoSS. Enjoy.

2. The Animated Egg – Sock it my way
3. Flower Travelling Band – Hiroshima
4. J.J. Band – Into a world
5. The Next Morning – Jam of Love
6. Randy Steirling – Boinin’
7. Burnin’ Red Ivanhoe – Avez-Vous Kaskelainen?
8. T2 – J.L.T.
10. Black Butterfly – Happy Flower
11. Niagara – Gibli

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