Most of you know MoSS as a producer of quality rap music for artists like Obie Trice, Black Moon, Sean Price, Joell Ortiz, Kool G Rap, Big Shug, Eternia and many others. Some of you might even know that he’s the lone producer signed to DJ Premier’s Works of Mart imprint. Even less of you might know that he accomplished all of this from his home in Brampton, Ontario. What you might not know is MoSS is one of the most savage record nerds on the planet, supplier of rhythms to your favourite collectors and proprietor of 2 record labels (Fading Sunshine and Strawberry Rain), both dedicated to obscure, forgotten foreign psychedelic treasures. He joins us this month for a double header of fuzzed-out greatness, Cratery style.

Session A crosses psychedelic borders from all over the world – Italy, Germany, Singapore, France and of course, right here – Canada. Standout tracks include the Ngozi Family’s “House of Fear” – a supremely rare Zambian psych selection and the UNLISTED starter joint. Don’t sweat the UNLISTED tracks. We know what they’re called and we’re pretty confident we won’t find them either. And no, Sipreano – if you know the song, you don’t win a prize. Download Cratery 33 (session A) featuring MoSS below. Enjoy.

2. Brainticket – Places of Light
3. Mashmakhan – The Family
4. Abel – Searchin’ for the light
5. Ngozi Family – House of Fear
6. New Trolls – C’e troppa Guerra
7. Dionysos – L’age D’or
8. David Earle Johnson – Juice Harp
9. Favourite’s Group – Santana
10. Birth Control – This song is just for you
11. Triangle – Litanies
12. Trifle – New Religion

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4 responses to “CRATERY 33a : MoSS”

  1. sipreano Avatar

    i don’t know the song. do i win a prize???

  2. birdapples Avatar


  3. kaeweezy Avatar

    yes. Records like the Ngozi Family DO exist. DAMN YOU MoSS for reminding me of such facts.

  4. ariel Avatar

    Tomatoes. As in killer, not the squishy throwing kind.

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