No matter how much we genre-hop on Cratery, soul remains a consistent ingredient in our monthly stew. Kaewonder sets off Cratery 32 with a certified slow burner, Larry Saunders’ “This World”. And despite global tangents to Africa (The Wings), Belgium (J.J. Band) and the UK (Egg), we end up bookending this month’s episode with some good old-fashioned American soul: J.R. Bailey’s “Everything I want I see in you”. Fifty Foot Hose and The United States of America are two notable trips down the psychedelic alley, while Jamey Aebersold demonstrates the importance of shopping in the instructional section. David Newman’s “Front Money” is not only an underrated chunk of dollar crate funk, it’s also a leading candidate for ugliest album art ever. Look out for Cratery 33 featuring Toronto producer (and definite hommie) MoSS. The first all-psychedelic Cratery in the making. We definitely made more than a few ugly faces during its recording. But in the meantime, this should hold you over. Cratery 32. Enjoy.

1. Larry Saunders – This World
2. Booker T. and the MG’s – No matter what shape
3. Soul Generation – Super Fine
4. Jamey Aebersold – Mr. Super Hip
5. Hot Soup – You took me by surprise
6. The Wings – Gone with the Sun
7. Fraser McPherson – The Potato
8. J.J. Band – Love in them there hills
9. Egg – A Visit to Newport Hospital
10. David Newman – Front Money
12. U.S.A. – Hard coming love
13. Fifty foot hose – Rose
14. Skull Snaps – All of a sudden
15. J.R. Bailey – Everything I want I see in you

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5 responses to “CRATERY 32”

  1. MusicVoids Avatar

    Greetings! Our Vimana experienced turbulence around 22:45 of this Cratery session…our higher-ups are requesting to know whether this was vinyl-surface related or spliff-entheogen related…please advise…Thanx! We thank you for these great sounds of planet of earth!

    1. Arcee Avatar

      Thanks for letting us know. Sounds like someone lifted the record and then put it back on. Probably a drunken mistake. Wonder if it’s worth correcting at this point.

  2. sipreano Avatar


    1. Arcee Avatar

      A sealed copy of World Premiere. Congratulations! I know you needed one bad.

  3. MusicVoids Avatar

    Greetings! Just wanted to cascade as appropriate that higher ups are satisfied with this response…they recommend to leave it in as it sounds natural and like someone had to hear/listen to something dope one more thyme…”We don’t make mistakes…Just happy little accidents” Bob Ross

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